ZOOM Cloud Meetings review

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings review

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ZOOM Cloud meetings is the app for virtual video conferences. It offers great quality, interactivity, lots of additional features that make online meetings more efficient. You can download ZOOM for Android, iOS, desktop platforms, or use specialized conference room systems.

Focused on the Speaker

The primary feature of ZOOM is video conferencing. It supports calls for up to 100 participants in the free version – up to 40 minutes long. A subscription lets you invite more people and hold longer conferences. One-on-one conversations are unlimited anyway.

To make the best digital environment for conferences, ZOOM has special features for call administrators. Participants can be muted when unwanted. When a speaker starts talking, and the sound is detected, the video focuses on him/her, so everyone sees the current speaker, switching as someone else starts to speak. Thus, you do not have to pay attention to keep track of who’s talking now.

Zoom Your Performance

Along with simple group video or voice calls, ZOOM allows for a lot of things. Of course, it features a messenger that lets you send messages, files, pictures, videos, locations, and more. You can create a private message or send it to the entire group. Public channels can host up to 10,000 members.

You can share files or your screen contents, whiteboard collaboration, and comments on shared files, collaborate in Zoom on projects. On the contrary, when you are driving, you can turn off all the visual features but stay online in pure voice mode. These features make ZOOM a fully-fledged coworking environment that can be compared to Slack or its analogs.

Last but not least, there are virtual backgrounds. If you want to hide what’s around you in your real room, you can replace them with a photo or a picture. So, everyone will see you speaking from a beach or a forest.

Zoom Without Zoom

What makes ZOOM the most attractive for most business users is that one does not have to be a ZOOM user to participate. One can join with just a mobile or a landline phone, still able to hear everything going on. ZOOM supports voicemail, an auto-receptionist, and other tools for integration with regular phones. It’s the user that ZOOM focuses on, not the technology.

While the ratings on App Store and Google play are far from perfect, we must understand that most one-star rates are given by schoolkids who want the app off the markets to sabotage their online classes. 

Otherwise, the app is great, despite some updates that change the user experience and sometimes really bring bugs. It doesn’t take long for the developers to fix them, though.

The only thing ZOOM lacked until the summer of 2020 was safety. Now the issues known are the issues fixed, and ZOOM becomes the ultimate video conference tool. Great for large meetings, with rich functionality and affordable plans, ZOOM looks like the future of online coworking.


  • Video conferences for many participants
  • A powerful business environment
  • Integration with regular phones
  • Rich features even in free mode
  • Safety improved recently


  • Safety issues have been reported
  • Free functionality is too limited


ZOOM Cloud Meetings ZOOM Cloud Meetings

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