Ultimate Custom Night review

Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night review

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Ultimate Custom Night is a spinoff of the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Here you will see all the favorite characters of the franchise and try your hand at surviving a really dreadful evening. Just download Ultimate Custom Night!   

The Evil Hearts Club Band

Ultimate custom Night is a grand horror show that combines all the FNaF characters. There’s a brigade of 50 evil animatronics invited from the seven Five Nights at Freddy’s games:

  • Minireena;
  • Marionette;
  • Circus Baby;
  • Rockstar Foxy;
  • Nightmare Chica;
  • Trash & the Gang;
  • Freddy Fazbear, and others.

These apparently possessed walking, talking, and killing dummies will try anything in their power to reap your soul. This bizarre nightmare, accompanied by exquisite eerie tunes, will test your guts and… strategy skills.

A Hard Die Night

You already know the drill. You’re hopelessly trapped in the premises – this time, it’s an office space. Your goal is to make it through a hard night while hair-raising dummies will relentlessly scheme on tearing you apart.

So, your survival tactics will be a bit complex. First, every animatronic is directly influenced by a certain object in your office shelter. They can be used to actually puppeteer the hostile animatronics. But only to an extent.

For instance, controlling the noise levels helps you successfully disguise yourself from the sound-sensitive enemies like Music Man. Temperature control allows you to influence their movement speed and also to bedazzle the Orville Elephant when he arrives.

With a Little Help from Your Cams

The monitoring system is another vital element. Security cams let you keep an eye on the animatronics roaming around your office. And the monitoring system informs you which of them have infiltrated the ventilation shaft. (Plus, you can detect their routes).

Just like the rest of the FNaF games, this one is almost mathematical. And controlling oxygen, noise, and heat levels is impossible without electricity, which at some point will be drained…

Every animatronic has an Intelligence level. The higher it is, the faster they can locate you and attack. Plus, an animatronic with an IQ level above 15 or so can respawn. Luckily, if you’re new to the FNaF gameplay, you can set it to zero and learn the ropes first.

The more nights you’ll survive with a bunch of “smarter” animatronics against you, the more points you will score eventually. 

They will let you unlock the hidden characters, new offices, and cutscenes. Additionally, there are 16 official challenges to beat. But you can make your own.

Ultimate Custom Night stays true to the Freddy’s original formula. It doesn’t add anything revolutionary to its gameplay. But the impressive roster of animatronics and the enjoyable macabre vibe make it an unskippable title to all FNAF fans. So, will you make it through the night one more time? 


  • 50 characters
  • It’s free on Steam
  • Challenging survival
  • Classic FNAF atmosphere


  • The mobile version costs roughly $3


Ultimate Custom Night Ultimate Custom Night

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