THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom! review

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom!

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom! review

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The Game of Life 2 is a digital sequel to the cult board game that simulates life. What career to choose? What education to select? When to get married? Rely on luck or calculate? The Game of Life 2 leads you through it in the XXI century.

A Long Story

The Game of Life is a game for up to four players that emulates choices and decisions we make in life. While all players start from equal positions, they go their way, led both by chance and by their own wishes. 

Be an athlete or a scientist? Get an education or start working early? Get married or carry on alone until the next romance? All these choices affect both career and personal happiness.

Players interact a way similar to how they do in Monopoly. For example, each player has a lucky number; if someone else hits it, they must pay the number owner. If the player hits their own lucky number, the bank pays the same amount. Overall, this competition has been reduced after the classical version that contained more PvP mini-games.

Larger Than…

Unlike Monopoly by the same alliance, The Game of Life 2 by Hasbro and Marmalade Game Studio is playable on phones. No need to zoom: the board is originally in 3D and zooms in on the token whose move is now. While the 3D cutscenes are quite schematic and even primitive, it grants the game will run smoothly on old devices. It’s even simpler than the first mobile version of The Game of Life.

It looks better on tablets, anyway. One copy of it is enough for a party or a family if you play in Pass & Play mode, up to four players on the same device. One can play The Game of Life 2 alone, versus bots or random online opponents. 

There are The Game of Life 2  Android, iOS, and Windows 10 versions, and players match regardless of the platform. So you will never lack an online party.

Why Two

While the original Game of Life was released in 1960 (and is still present in many homes), The Game of Life 2 is way updated. Not only did it change the realities (new jobs like video game designer or blogger), but also added innovations that hit the game recently (like having pets). 

A character can even go transgender! This option has been appreciated even by players who would never try that in their real lives.

The overall experience is well modernized by adding new crossroads, new ways to succeed (it’s not all about money anymore), and new themes. For example, in autumn, here comes Halloween, and in winter, it’s time for Christmas-themed design. These updates come constantly, and the developer is thoroughly monitoring the feedback to respond to the players’ wishes.

The updated classical game looks even more impressive now, despite constant references to its board origins. The Game of Life 2 is definitely of great entertaining value for a family or a party, with no need to explain the last century’s realities.


  • A classical board game
  • Updated environment
  • Very visual and playable on phones
  • Lots of options inspired by today
  • Great support


  • The visuals are too simple
  • Less competition than in the original


THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom!

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THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom!
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