Roblox review


Roblox review

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Roblox is a platform that supports indie games with its own developing, social, and monetizing tools. Since 2006, it’s home to thousands of games and millions of players who appreciate good gameplay and a jolly company over exquisite visuals.

Social, Rough, Gaming

Roblox is a gaming social network that hosts lots of exclusive games made with its own kit which includes controls, gameplay, or design elements. After you register, you can enter any Roblox game with your account. You keep your username, your avatar, your balance, and any of your data throughout all the games.

As it’s social, it heavily relies on feedback. If you like a certain game, you can positively rate it, and this will increase its rating. The most popular and the best-rated games enjoy positive feedback effects, and their popularity keeps increasing. Thus you can help promote the titles you like.

What else Roblox games share is controls. Mostly they are third-person 3D action or RPG-themed games, so they can be controlled with hardware or software gamepads. No matter what platform you use (Roblox is available on iOS, Android, Xbox, or Windows), controls are the same, and so is the feeling.


Roblox is a very developer-friendly environment. Anyone can register and develop their own games there, using the Developer Hub. No wonder it’s an indie paradise, with many games hard to imagine. The downside of that is that most environments and characters look basic and similar throughout the games, but Roblox fans consider it a feature.

There are races, social games, life sims, zombie survival horrors, Battle Royale games, quests and detectives, pizzeria simulators, RPG, and anything that could be created within Roblox setting. It’s similar to Minecraft or Garry’s Mod that also help unleash one’s creativity. The difference is that Roblox is just made for that.

Players can purchase various items for Robux (the in-game currency). Some games require paid access, though they are usually not expensive. Robux can be bought for real money or earned right within Roblox (if you show a bit of creativity).

New Kids on the Roblox?

If you join a player, you can enjoy hundreds of games (and waste your time on thousands). But you can join as a developer and earn your Robux on your own games or on skins and suits for players’ avatars. They are in high demand, and making them requires just following strict guidelines and an easy-to-find layout.
You can earn on Roblox by making popular games or items, or you can use its developer kit as a sandbox to perfect your game-making skills.

If there were only Top 1000 games (maybe Top 2000), Roblox would have been one of the greatest gaming platforms around, both for players and developers. Unluckily, most of its games are pure trash, so if you want to explore it deeper, don’t give too many chances.


  • Lots of games free and freemium
  • Gameplay-oriented titles instead of visuals
  • Cross-platform
  • Does not require powerful hardware
  • You can earn on Roblox


  • Most games there are garbage
  • Visuals may seem too primitive


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