Pokémon GO review

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO review

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Pokémon GO is the most unusual, AR-assisted game where you need to catch Pokémon and fight for gyms right in the street. Reach a location by foot to find rare Pokémon, conquer a gym, or hatch an egg! Since 2016, the game remains the most popular AI-based one.
Pokémon Going Physical

This game has been developed by Nintendo and Niantic, the creator of the iconic ingress. Like in Ingress, you need to physically approach various locations to detect the Pokémon, Pokéstops, and gyms. To catch a Pokémon, you need to throw a Pokéball at them. Pokéballs can be found for free at stationary Pokéstops. Gyms are located frequently through all the covered areas. If you think you have Pokémon strong enough, you can try your luck and fight at the arena.

The mechanics will seem familiar to all the old-time Pokémon fans. Evolution requires more Pokémon and candies that you are rewarded with. Rare Pokémon can be hatched from eggs you collect. Pokédex is to be filled.


One of the greatest things about this game is that it settles the Pokémon into our reality. To catch a Pokémon when you detect one, you need to turn on your camera and look through it. You will see it hiding in the grass, in the trees, or sitting just on the roof of the nearest house. You can take a snap and share it right from the game.

This AR integration remains impressive, while there are more AR-based games and apps now than back in 2016. Hardly will you want to share anything you spot on Instagram; sometimes, though, the game delivers very impressive moments.

On the Move

The essential part of Pokémon GO is that it keeps you moving. You can walk around, run, or cycle, but no cars or motorcycles are encouraged: if your speed is above the allowed 15 kmph, gaming features get locked. 

As you see, the game heavily relies on GPS, so get ready: it will suck your battery like a flock of Golbats. You better carry a power bank or two if you go Pokémoning.

Hatching eggs also requires walking. There are eggs that take 2, 5, or 10 kilometers to hatch. The greater the distance, the more powerful and rare Pokémon can be there.

In addition, Pokémon GO encourages you to travel. There are constant events where you can catch rare Pokémon if you visit certain locations. Some species are common where others are rare, but if you go to another country or region, you will find more endemic Pokémon there.

Last but not least: there are special accessories by Nintendo. Poké Ball Plus is a Bluetooth dongle that lets you catch detect and Pokémon without looking at your phone. Go-tcha Wristband is a wristband version of Poké Ball Plus, and Go-tcha Evolve is the version with a built-in pedometer (a great replacement for your Fitbit).

It’s not as hype now as it was back when just launched. Still, Pokémon GO remains a lifestyle for many fans, and new players also constantly join. Especially good if you need an extra reason to walk more.


  • It’s Pokémon!
  • Encourages you to walk and cycle
  • Basically free
  • One more reason to travel
  • Lots of accessories made for it


  • The initial hype is gone
  • Heavily uses GPS and drains the battery


Pokémon GO Pokémon GO

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