Monopoly review


Monopoly review

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Monopoly is the official version of the eponymous cult board game, developed by Marmalade Game Studio together with Hasbro. This is a 3D version where streets and tokens, dice, and cards come alive!

The Game That Saved the Nation

It was during the Great Depression that Monopoly took over the USA, and then the whole world. The idea of the game is simple. The players play businesspersons that travel around the town and buy objects from the authorities or from each other. These can be real estate, transport, municipal amenities, and so on.

To move around the square field, the players roll the dice and move their tokens ahead by the number they show. You may be required to take a card and do as it says; if you land on an unowned property, you can buy it or let someone else bid for it if you refuse. Finally, you can go to prison if you land on an unlucky tile.

The game continues until only one is left – the monopolist. Hence the name. On a regular board, one game can take hours, so make sure you have nowhere to go before starting it. But the digital version offers a faster mode, so a single round can be played much quicker.

Going Digital

The developers did their best to transfer a classical game to digital devices. Every cult element of the game – from the Monopoly Man’s moustache to tokens and street names – are preserved as in the original. They can change, though, if you select another city to bid for.

There are other city designs as well – the futuristic Monstropolis, an authentic Victorian London, a Christmas-themed Snowdrop Valley, and so on. 

A new map changes the experience. It takes a large screen, though, to appreciate it. On most phones (except for the giant ones), the picture will look too small, especially next to an actual board.

As you play, you can see which property belongs to each player, how much money any of you has, and where is each token. It all takes a closer look on smaller screens, and there is no opportunity to zoom the field in.

Many Games in One

While the original rules of monopoly are preserved, this game is highly appreciated as it allows home rules – modifications of the original that players can agree on. It also supports various modes. You can play alone (versus bots), versus random opponents online, or in a hot seat mode, passing the device to each other after the move.

The game is paid, but one copy is enough for a whole party to have fun (due to hot seat mode). You don’t have to be constantly online to play it, as it supports offline modes. Still, we recommend to update it periodically to enjoy new skins and other features.

The game is a very decent and authentic digital version of arguably the most influential board game of the XX century. It feels like the original, and changeable themes and rules make it even more fun. But it takes a big tablet to fully enjoy it.


  • Thoroughly recreated experience
  • Great visuals
  • Home rules support
  • Various themes and game modes
  • Constant updates


  • Hard to play on phones
  • A game can take rather long


Monopoly Monopoly

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