Minecraft review


Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a sandbox game that lets you either experience a Robinsonade alone versus the unknown or create new worlds with other fans. Made by Mojang in 2010, now it’s owned by Microsoft and gains even more popularity.

More Than One Game

Basically, Minecraft can be played in various modes. For example, in Survival mode, the player is limited in materials and has to mine them where they are found. Hardcore is the same, with only one life. In these modes, you encounter living creatures (neutral and hostile), need to find scarce resources...

But it’s Creative mode that most Minecrafters live it for. In Creative mode, your resources are infinite, time limitations are absent, and your friends can join you in creating whatever you want. Almost any real or fictional POI has been recreated in Minecraft by this day, Teams are working on recreating historical buildings or student campuses. These virtual objects often even host video conferences.

Quadratisch, Minecraftisch, Gut

What made Minecraft so recognizable was its design, now iconic. To reduce the requirements, Markus Persson decided to make it square-based, with visible large voxels, though various materials and creatures are very expressive. 

Trees and skies, stones and animal skin, water and concrete are very distinct, and their physical properties are close to natural. It lets you build your own civilization in the wild… or rough but beautiful versions of real objects or fantasy scenery.

It may take minutes to get used to this world, given that initially you see it from the first-person perspective. What you need to know is it’s 3D, it’s enormous, and it’s almost completely interactive. Almost everything can be used to eat, to domesticate, to build of, to kill with, to protect yourself from, and so on. 
The developers constantly add new substances and species to make the game even more diverse, though it’s already larger-than-life.

Minecraft the Ubiquitous

One of the greatest things about Minecraft is its presence on virtually every platform. Not only is it made for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Minecraft PE is a hit on iOS and Android. Minecraft is on consoles – from PS3 to Xbox One. There is even Minecraft for Raspberry Pi: its performance is enough.

Overall, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world, selling about 200 million copies. Or even more than a game: it’s an environment for creating art objects, for developing built-in mini-games, and even for memes. It’s often compared to LEGO in the world of video games, and the freedom the two give you is equally endless.

The Greatest!

Minecraft is more than a great game: it’s among the greatest ever. With a cult following and lots of imitators, it remains the original. Even its own spinoffs, like Earth or Dungeons, cannot move the original. So, if you haven’t installed it yet, you should definitely download Minecraft.


  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Unique iconic design
  • Various game modes
  • Available on almost any device
  • Constantly gets updated


  • It may take too much of your time
  • The design is not for everyone



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