Google One review

Google One

Google One review

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Google One is your Google account manager for Android that helps you back up your Android phone and control your Google Drive space. It’s capable of much more with Google One subscription, which it is meant to manage primarily.

Free Backup Master

In 2020, Google Drive users got notified that their photos would not be stored in the cloud endlessly. You will have to manage your storage manually for pictures you are to upload next. What’s the solution? Either you need to select the pics to backup and share via Google Drive, or you get Google One.

With this service, you can manage your space and backup your Android phone. This functionality requires no subscription; all you need to do is install Google One app on your phone or tablet. But the real purpose of this app is to let you fully enjoy the benefits of a paid subscription.

Get Your Space and Share It

If you decide to subscribe, there are many options; the only difference between them is a drive space quote. The basic one (excluding free subscription) gives you 100GB, while more expensive ones provide 200GB or 2TB. The rest of them is the same. All the plans support family accounts, premium support, and extras Google only offers to One subscribers.

One of the most interesting options provided by Google One subscription is the possibility to share your Google Drive space with several other users. While each of them can access their own share and maybe shared files, none will be able to see another’s section. Google One app lets you manage shared space, limit quotes, send invitations, notify users about changes in your policy.

Another feature great for mobile devices is enabled VPN by Google. With it, you can access websites banned in your country or those whose owners restricted access from some locations. Family groups can enjoy all the benefits of Google One, including quick support and VPN. But you need to have this app on your phone.

Subscription That Pays

While we all prefer to have products for free (and Google has spoiled most of us with that), Google One can deliver some real profits. For example, you can book hotels at lower prices (if you are traveling nowadays). There are special discounts on Google Play, so you can have apps and games for free or cheaper than usual.

By the way, the cheapest Google One subscription is even less than many paid VPN services require. So, VPN alone is a reason to try this – of course, if you need a VPN at all. Not that we try to convince you into trying it: Google does, for example, with this very app.

It’s hard to divide the app as it is and the subscription with which it makes sense. If you need extra space on Google Drive, it’s the service you benefit from. And if you’re good with the free 15 GB, Google One isn’t the most necessary app.


  • Automatic Android backup
  • Google Photo backup
  • Google Drive space manager
  • VPN
  • Family access control
  • Extra discounts in other Google services


  • Free version replaceable with other tools
  • Makes little sense without a subscription


Google One Google One

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