Geometry Dash review

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash review

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Geometry Dash is a platformer/runner game that will put your reaction and maneuvering skills to a tough test. Download Geometry Dash and beat its convoluted levels!

The Trial of Triangles

Imagine teleporting to a weird dimension where giant geometrical figures float in the air. Your avatar here is also one of the figures from a geometry book: triangle, cube, and so forth. 

Only they aren’t bleak contours, but rather flamboyant Euclidean shapes that rock colors that Skittles candy would envy. And the bizarre dimensions that you journey through add to the visual parade more colorfulness and effects to make this strange adventure an eye-magnet. 

Once you begin playing, your avatar is put in motion by default. You can’t really slow it down or stop it for a bit to catch a breath and have a sip of an energy drink. Unless you pause it, there’s no way to tame the game’s tempo – your reflexes are what matters most.

And there’s a lot of maneuvering to do! The classic 21 levels offer a gradually growing difficulty, adding more barriers and traps to circumvent. Keep in mind: the more you progress, the lengthier these geometry marathons become. And that’s when things get tricky…

Rage Unlimited

What makes Geometry Dash stand out is its amount of challenge. While it’s quite enjoyable to feel like a jet pilot flying at a low altitude in an urban area, it also becomes infuriating at some point.

Geometry Dash will deceive you with its chiptune-like music and eye-friendly levels only to smash your ego later against the glowing concrete of its numerous platforms and hurdles.

There are plenty of power-ups scattered around in each level. They can give a speed boost, put you inside a tiny spaceship or make the level upside down. 

But no matter how lucky you will get with them, if you collide with a floating brick only a second before crossing the finish line, you will be mercilessly catapulted back to the start of the level. And the wheel of samsara will make another turn.

Sadism & Architecture

But if you’re a prodigy at maneuvering and have the reflexes of the young Skywalker, the original 21 levels may not be enough for you. Fear not: there’s a whole myriad of custom levels designed by the fan community.

They will offer you to beat a Flappy Bird-like arena in a toy spaceship, turn you into a chainsaw wheel, put in your way some hungry creatures that resemble langoliers and challenge you to complete a level where hypnotic medallions will distract you non-stop. 

Some of these levels are a real pain-in-the-arse as they are filled with labyrinths, pitfalls, a tricky system of trampolines, and so on. It feels like their authors almost enjoy giving you a taste of torture.


  • Fan-made levels
  • Enjoyable visuals
  • Earnable bragging rights


  • No free-to-play version


Geometry Dash Geometry Dash

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