Garena Free Fire-New Beginning review

Garena Free Fire-New Beginning

Garena Free Fire-New Beginning review


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Garena Free Fire is a battle royale shooter. Here you’re catapulted to a huge island where you’re challenged to fight for survival. If you want to take a break from PUBG – try Garena!

50 vs. 1

The core of Garena’s gameplay is simple. Just like in Fortnite, you parachute from a plane on a pretty big island. There you will meet 49 friendly players who will do anything in their power to feed your bullets and harvest a kill.

The already familiar concept doesn’t really evolve from this point. Just like in other BR games, you need to scavenge for ammo and weapons. You need to strategize and use covers, vantage points, and ambush spots to your advantage.

As time goes by, the battlefield inevitably shrinks. Garena gives you only 10 minutes to become a glorious hero or a mournful war casualty. After the time is up, the last man or squad will be crowned with laurels of triumph, and the next session will automatically begin. 

Here Comes Stuttering     

As a shooter, Garena is supposed to deliver a seamless FPS rate. Surprisingly, even some powerful devices like Oppo Reno Z or Samsung Note 20 Ultra have to struggle with occasional freezes and dropdowns in this game.

Obviously, the problem doesn’t come from poor computational power. It seems Garena’s servers at the moment aren’t really capable of hosting millions of players at the same time. 

Plus, the game filters you out by default if its algorithms think that your connection is weak. So, if you enjoy using the free public (neighbor’s) Wi-Fi, Garena will kick you out of the lobby. Odds are, you’ll have to use the traffic of your mobile plan to fully enjoy the game.

The visuals are satisfying, though. Imagine GTA San Andreas with slightly improved object contours and more detailed textures. It’s not as cinematographic as PUBG, but still something.

Disarming Robbery

Although Free Fire offers just 10 characters, its customization options are impressive. You can unlock flamboyant skins or premium weapons like a Gatling with 1,200 rounds or an elegant steel Katana to slash an enemy like a watermelon.

However, all these goodies require Diamonds. And Diamonds don’t come easy, as the primary way to mine them is to pay real money. But there are three ways to hustle a bunch of those for free:

  • Download Google Opinion Rewards and complete tasks. 
  • Complete surveys from Swagbucks.
  • Wait for a giveaway.

As for the rest, the game may charge you up to $100 for a set of top-tier items.


Garena Free Fire is a decent substitute for PUBG or Fortnite if you can’t access these RB games. Its visuals may lack finesse or movie gloss, it has certain frame-rate problems, and there’s a lot of delicious trophies that only real bucks can buy.

But its death matches are dynamic, you can form a 4-person squad with your friends, and you can join a bloodbath in Garena literally at any time. Not perfect, but you can get a daily dose of battle royale here.


  • Free-to-play
  • Fast-paced matches
  • About 80 million players worldwide


  • A lot of IAP offers
  • FPS dropdowns


Garena Free Fire-New Beginning Garena Free Fire-New Beginning

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