Fortnite review


Fortnite review

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Fortnite is a famous battle royale shooter for all platforms, including mobile. Here you’re challenged to stay alive and lead your squad to victory in a massive battle. Download Fortnite and see if you can pull it off!

Parachute and Shoot

Your adventure of whistling bullets and deafening explosions begins once you parachute from a bus that is attached to a giant balloon. There’s no time to waste when you hit the ground. Scavenge for weapons and ammo until the enemies snatch all of them.

There’s a crowd of 100 players per match. You can join the combat solo or assemble a squad together with your friends. It’s all fine as long as you’re eager to devise clever tactics, outsmarting other Forniters.

The game’s arsenal is pretty impressive. You can choose a weapon type that suits your style best: sniping, stealthy ambushing or reckless gun fights. So, a rich assortment of heavy assault rifles, tactical shotguns, SMGs, and pistols is at your service.  

A Free Architecture Course

But Fortnite isn’t only about laying headshots or giving hell to the enemy squad with a shotgun. You can also collect Metal, Stone, and Wood. These resources are used for building various structures. It takes just a second to set up one. But the profit can be insane!

You can improvise a bunker and hold off an enemy squad. You can hammer together a tower and do some sniper work harvesting frags handsomely. Or how about erecting a fake toolshed filled with traps and lure the unsuspecting enemy in? It’s up to your tactical vision.  

But keep in mind: they can absorb a limited number of damage. Plus, nature will affect them too, making the material deteriorate rapidly. For example, a metal construction will fall apart quickly if it’s affected by rain. And fire will annihilate a wooden hangar in a sec. 


Apart from building stuff, you can also employ Fortnite’s vehicles. Now you can drive the Fortnite cars that used to be decorations in the past. They include Titano Mudflap, Whiplash, OG Bear, and Islander Prevalent. It looks like soon there will be a racing mode.

Speaking of modes. Apart from the classic battle royale, there are also time-limited modes like Floor is Lava, Getaway, Rags to Riches, Tank Battle, and so on. It’s suspected they will return in Fortnite Chapter II soon.  

Another source of fun is the Creative Mode. In it, you can shape your personal island. Add vegetation, buildings, unique spots, and weapon stashes the way you like. And don’t worry; this island is vandal-proof: you can invite other people, but they won’t be able to edit it.

Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game at the moment. It keeps evolving, introduces new modes to dilute BR, features a nice strategy element and also entertains us with disco balls and dancing. Although you’re incentivized to buy a battle pass for each season, the good quality gameplay is worth it.


  • Fire-assist
  • Free-to-play
  • Plenty of modes


  • Some premium items are hard to get for free


Fortnite Fortnite

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