Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020 review

Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020

Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020 review

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Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020 is a draft simulator, which allows you to compose a dream fantasy football team. With all the necessary info regarding the players, you will surely make a terrific draft – just download Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020. 

The Draft Craft

This app allows you to draft players for a team based on your ambitions. It is possible thanks to the comprehensive player database. As a result, you can make specific league settings and even choose keepers.

There’s a pretty neat feature, which gives a signal whenever a new player you’re about to recruit has the same bye-week as one of the players in the same position that you already have on the team. This helps to avoid pesky re-structuring issues.

Speaking of positions. You will find every offensive position in existence in the Draft Dominator: from QB and RB to WR + TE. 

And there are even more features to make your draft outstanding: multi-flex leagues, expected draft position, editable weekly weights, comprehensive depth charts, and so forth. This app is willing to do everything to make you feel like a pro, it seems.

Feedback on a Quarterback

Draft Dominator has another awesome gimmick. There’s a feature called Rate My Team, which provides feedback on how good your decisions were. Basically, it’s a detailed report that explains what you did right and also dissects your mistakes.

But there’s more! You also get info on the best free agents available. It’s like a hint whose help you can use when preparing the next draft. 

Plus, there’s an insight on your backup that shows good/bad matchups during the bye-week – finding a worthy complementary player is easy.

If you can’t live a day without Fantasy Football and never skip a season, there’s another helpful feature. Mock drafts allow you to be prepared for any situation. You won’t have to copy drafts over and over – this feature helps avoid doubles. 

Besides, every dedicated football fan will find the app’s extra content delightful. It includes news, ADP, outlooks, ratings, etc. This analytical data is regularly updated, so you can stay on the top of your game.

A Bit of Bitterness

With all its nice features and content, Draft Dominator feels clunky at times. The problem is that its GUI is loaded with details. It makes scrolling the app and pushing buttons onerous and even fingerbreaking at times.

Besides, it negatively affects your drafting ability. Before you can finally register a player, you will have to wait a minute or two. And such a delay is fatal, as this pick will eventually go by. Considering that this app isn’t free – the price is $4,5 – rolling out a smoother update is a must.

Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020 is an app with some darn good features. It will let you take your Fantasy Football game to the next level. But a more user-friendly interface is what it needs desperately.


  • Rich feature palette
  • News & analytics
  • Rate My Draft


  • Sluggish and awkward GUI
  • No freemium version


Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2020

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