Emoji Puzzle! review

Emoji Puzzle!

Emoji Puzzle! review

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Emoji Puzzle is a simple but engaging game where you are supposed to connect the emojis that are somehow related to each other. They may share a lot, be a cause and an effect, or just concern the same condition. It’s a funny little game that still requires cerebral work.

Made of Emoji

Here is an example of how to make an engaging game out of nearly nothing. Emoji are familiar to all of us, they are installed as a keyboard on both iOS and Android, they are offered by social media – but do we really understand what they mean?

If you do, just connect emoji from the left column to the closest ones from the right column – or tap them one after another, like you choose correct translations on Duolingo. 

Does it seem elementary? Then proceed to the next level, with more nuances and more complications! The game has lots of levels to provide you with hours of fun, though each level may take just seconds… Or more.

Find the Connection

There are usually two columns of the emoji (luckily, due to its official richness there will be no lack in them). The first levels are elementary: a lipstick should be connected to the red lips emoji, a zombie face to the brain, the loving emoji to the kissing one, and so on.

Later, things get more sophisticated. You will be required to recognize the fine difference between emojis that look similar and express similar conditions or feelings. This difference matters. 

Suddenly, this game can be a guide to your own feelings; too many of us are too unfamiliar with our own emotions. If you recognize yourself, this game is highly recommended.

A sudden side effect is that you need to find the right word for the most problem emoji before connecting them. Searching for the definition enriches your lexicon (though it’s widely thought that emoji usage shrinks it). If you are playing it alone, do not be afraid to speak the meanings aloud.

Don’t Hurry!

While some connections can be obvious, don’t hurry. If you see an athlete running across the stadium, you may want to connect it to a strong arm with its biceps strained. But do not. A bit below in the left column, there is a heavy weightlifter that this picture suits better. As for the football player, he should be connected to a ball. Nuances like this will appear periodically; the further you go, the more sophisticated it will be.

Still, after an ad or two that pop up between levels, you will want to do everything correctly at once. Otherwise, you will remain exposed to those endless videos that take more time than the gameplay. And this is the worst thing about this overall very nice game.

We couldn’t help considering Emoji Puzzle game as something secondary. Yet, made out of the simplest elements, it entertains and educates. If not for so many ads, it would have been great.


  • Easy and simple
  • Yet not primitive
  • Works on old and budget devices
  • Helps you recognize your own emotions
  • Enriches the vocabulary


  • Too many ads (or buy premium)


Emoji Puzzle! Emoji Puzzle!

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