Disney+ review


Disney+ review

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Disney+ is the official app for the video streaming service by Disney. It lets you watch fresh or classical titles by Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and other covered studios. You can download Disney+ app for Android and iOS for free.

We Had it Coming

Disney had to launch its own streaming service due to COVID-19 changes in cinema distribution, and here it is. The official Disney+ app lets you subscribe and watch Disney-owned videos in streaming mode or as live TV. 

The app is also available for most Smart TV or desktop platforms, but the mobile one is the best to manage your account.

If you have one of those 4K phones (made by Sony and… who else?), or tablets (like Dell Latitude and… what else?), you may enjoy movies and cartoons in 4K and HDR. Otherwise, they will look great on new iPads or Galaxy tablets, with their great screens. 

Quality is the key. Disney has access to all the originals to present them like they should be, with over 100 of them available in the highest quality possible.

Disney Everywhere

The main reason to install Disney+ on your phone (not on Roku, Sony PS, or Apple TV) is the possibility to take it with you wherever you go. If it has enough storage, you can cache movies, series, or cartoons to watch them offline. If not… Well, if not, you can choose to use a cellular network for streaming. If you do, you may need to reduce streaming quality. Fees may apply as well (like for any type of data transfer).

A single subscription lets you create up to seven profiles, with each of them customizable. Like any decent streaming service, Disney+ has its system of recommendations based on what you have viewed and liked. It also supports up to four simultaneous streams regardless of your plans (take that, Netflix!). Bundle subscription lets you also watch Hulu (in ad-supported mode).

This is the Way

Disney+ is intending to have the entire library of movies, cartoons, or TV series ever produced by Disney or Disney-owned companies (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm). There are exclusives, The Mandalorian being the most famous, but not the only.

From classic titles to the freshest updates, it will all be available within one app. No extra payments will be required beyond the subscription.

Some titles are still lacking, though. Despite the acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney cannot stream the classical Indiana Jones movies because the rights now belong to Paramount. Some titles are unavailable due to controversies (like Song of the South that is now considered politically incorrect). Nevertheless, the existing library is more than worth a shot.

Disney+ as an app is quite ordinary, but it’s the archive of videos you come for. And it’s quite fantastic, given that it includes Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic. The only thing to wish for is more partner content. Download Disney+ and immerse yourself in this fantastic world of Disney movies.


  • A great library by Disney-owned videos
  • Exclusive shows
  • Family-friendly profile system
  • Family-friendly content approach
  • Hulu subscription available in Bundle


  • Poor choice of partner content
  • Some classical titles unavailable


Disney+ Disney+

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