Color Roll 3D review

Color Roll 3D

Color Roll 3D review

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Color Roll 3D is a coloring puzzle, which challenges you to turn a piece of plain cardboard into a simple, yet flashy picture. Light and friendly, it can help you make the time go a bit faster. Download Color Roll 3D, and you’ll see!

You’re on The Roll

Color Roll 3D is a fairly easy-to-beat puzzle, which offers a pretty mild challenge. First, you’re provided with an original sketch, which pictures a certain object: lipstick, windmill, floppy disk, exotic fish, tiny sailboat, and so forth.

The rest of the game is simple. There are a few rolls of colored paper that you should roll to colorize the blank areas of cardboard. You must do it in a specific sequence, which requires a bit of thinking. But puzzles aren’t hellishly tough to beat, so you won’t get stuck at all.

Once a puzzle is solved successfully, you will be rewarded with a small fanfare, happy emoji, and a volley of confetti. The faster you solve it, the happier the smiley face will get. And if your success is exceptional, you will unlock a special level with a more intricate picture to recreate.

Simplicity = Beauty

Color Roll 3D could be a great game for kids. First, it helps improve the visual memory a tad: while rolling the paper, you need to keep in mind the original image. Second, it develops analytical skills, as a little player has to match two images: the original and recreated.

The game itself is optically clear. There are no cluttering details as the riddle-solving takes place on a simple wooden desk. The color palette is warm, relaxing, and peaceful: there’s nothing to irritate your eyes. Except for the omnipresent advertisements...  

The Ads Pandemic

Unfortunately, this cute little game is filled with ads to the brims. You will be offered to watch a 10-30 seconds interstitial after beating every single level. Sometimes there will be a simple pop-up, though. But it doesn’t make this advertising carnival any more tolerable.

Sadly, going offline and saving your sanity isn’t possible. Color Roll 3D refuses to launch once the connection is off – all you get is a frozen loading screen. But you can try the following: beat a few levels and then turn the signal off. Reportedly, this trick helps.

Another shortcoming of the game is the level of scarcity. After you solve about 30 riddles in a row, you will be offered to beat one of the earlier levels. And the more you progress, the more often these earlier levels will be recycled. Apparently, new riddles are still under construction.

Not So Bad

Color Roll 3D is a fun casual puzzle game. It’s family-friendly, not very demanding, and free-to-play. It doesn’t take too much disk space and won’t demand you to have a top-notch, new generation gadget.

At the same time, it could use more levels and fewer ads. But if you find it a perfect relaxation game for you, you can invest in removing them: the premium version costs about $5.


  • It’s free-to-play
  • Simple, nice, and funny
  • Eye-friendly, serene visuals


  • A lot of ads
  • Could use more levels


Color Roll 3D Color Roll 3D

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