Coin Master review

Coin Master

Coin Master review

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Coin Master is an unusual take on slot machine games. Along with spinning, you also have a village to build and protect and other players’ villages to raid. Simple and mostly random, it’s surprisingly fun to play.

Coins, Coins, Coins

If you have ever seen a slot machine, you know the principle. Press “Spin” and see the combination the machine throws out. If it’s a winning one, you get more money than you have invested. If not… 

Well, in Coin Master it’s a bit differently. You get your 50 spins for free and use them to earn money. Each hour you get five more, plus a random daily bonus.

What you should know is that the game requires little thinking. It’s neither a puzzle nor a strategy, it’s mostly a spinning game where you do not know what comes next. And the pig sardonically winks. Still, the flow of coins is hypnotizing, so most players will get their share of fun from just viewing it.

More Than Just Slots

While most slot machine-based games offer you nothing but emulation (and very rarely real money to win), the creators of Coin Masters introduced some elements of strategy. There is a village you build and upgrade (by simply repairing and upgrading buildings and stuff – for example, a cat!). There are more villages to unlock, and the further you go, the more money you can win by spinning.

There are raids as well. If the slot machine throws out the hammer combo, you can attack a random opponent’s village with that hammer. If they have no shield, you get their money; if they have protected it, it’s the shield that gets destroyed, and you get your 50K – not that it’s much. Your village can be attacked as well, so get yourself a shield when you need one.

A Happy Piggy Bank

The mascot of the game is a pig looking like a mix of a biker and a pirate. It’s a piggy bank if you think a bit further. Coins just fall into it, but if you are not careful, they may as well fall out. So care about protecting your village as it gets hot. Watch the notifications. Help your friends and accept their help too.

Some slot games feature lots of designs while based on the same principle. With Coin Master, the story is a bit different. The theme changes as you progress; from being the Pirate, you move to the Hippie image, then become the King, the Warrior, and finally the VIKING!

Still, there is little to do in this game, as its key element is gaining money, and all you have to do for that is spin. If you are out of spins, you can ask your friends for more, wait until you get your hourly five free spins, or just buy some for real money. Or you may watch ads – but, hey, you will have to watch them anyway. Due to that, you can become the Coin Master basically for free.

It’s way better than most slot machines due to strategy elements and recognizable design. It’s almost a perfect time killer unless you prefer games that require more action from you and less rely on pure luck. Download Coin Master and try it yourself!


  • Funny visuals
  • Simple gameplay
  • Great as a time killer
  • Runs on old and budget devices
  • Involves your Facebook friends


  • There is indeed little to do
  • Too many ads pop up


Coin Master Coin Master

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