Clue review


Clue review

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Clue (also known as Cluedo) is a story of a mysterious murder and a hard investigation, combining quest and puzzle elements with a traditional board game. Made by the alliance of Hasbro and Marmalade Game Studio, it shows an expected high class of digitalization.

A murder happened in an old Tudor mansion. There are only six people locked inside, and now they must solve the mystery and find the murderer among them.  

Look at the names of the characters: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Reverend Green, Dr. Orchid, and Professor Plum. The set makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the Victorian era, inside a classical detective novel.

Like any decent detective, this one has a lot of red herrings and just insignificant details. Your mission is to sift the real clues from deceptions and find the murderer. Make the right guessing to win.

Replay the Scene

The main mystery consists of three parts: who is the murderer, what was the weapon, and where the crime took place. By finding clues, you mark some probabilities impossible and the last one undeniable. But between them, there is a wide field for guessing. 

Throw the dice to move between rooms in turns and search for clues there, and once you may come to the right conclusion. Use hints (in single player) if you are stuck.

Your deductive and your intuition in this game are assisted with a special Clue Sheet. No need to waste paper for every game. Now it’s completely digital, and you can fill it as the information arrives. Some automation will help new players figure it out.

On the other hand, here is the same story that happened to Monopoly. While the scene is very graphic and detailed, all this beauty requires a large screen. It’s a shame because all these Tudor and Victorian houses, Dracula’s castle, Murder Express (again, inspired by Agatha Christie), a frontier town, and other themes deserve a closer look.

A Murder of Players

There are various modes (as usually when Hasbro meets Marmalade). You can play it alone, with your family or your party via local multiplayer, or online, versus random opponents from all over the world. 

The game is cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch), so it never lacks active players. All the communication is locked within preselected phrases, so the language gap is bridged.

For local multiplayer, though, there is no Pass-and-Play. You will need either several copies of a game or a free Cluesheet Companion app if you launch the server on Windows or Nintendo. Still, each player will need a separate device, and this undermines the experience of a classical board game. Nevertheless, it’s fun.

Unlike a game in the box, the digital Clue constantly grows. There are additional characters, more content, fewer bugs with each new update. Due to new maps, the game is highly replayable. Enjoy a great detective story from within!


  • Greatly made gothic atmosphere
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Takes an intellectual effort
  • No language barrier
  • Almost endless replayability


  • Details too small on phones
  • Local multiplayer requires multiple devices


Clue Clue

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