Candy Crush Saga review

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga review

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Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 puzzle with an incredible lot of levels, bonus missions, social features, and juicy sweet-styled visuals. Released by King in 2012, it remains the genre reference ever since.

Three Candies Are Better

It’s a Match-3 puzzle where you need to complete missions by swapping a candy on the field with the one next to it. When you form a group of three candies of the same type, it pops. 

If there are four or five of them, you get a magic candy that can destroy an entire column or row, all the candies around it, or all the candies of a certain type. With them, you need to pop a certain number of candies, drive a nut down, gain a certain score, or explode a certain number of bombs and combos. As the field can have various shapes, and candies appear randomly, no two levels are the same.

There are obstacles and problems as well. Chocolate factories, jelly that covers candies, cherry bombs, and other dangerous sweets stand in your way. You need to get through them in a limited number of moves. If you do, proceed to the next level; otherwise, spend another life to retry.

Makes You Hungry!

What makes us fall in love at first sight is visuals. The graphics are just pretty: candies and cakes, lollipops and chocolate, jelly and cherries just come alive, despite all the conditions of a 2D genre. So is the music that reminds us of European Renaissance, Disney cartoons, and candy sweetness at the same time. The voice speaking “Sweet”, “Sugar Crush” and so on has become iconic.

The story about a little girl traveling through the kingdom and solving the problems of its candy inhabitants makes it fun enough for kids and adults. Along with the storyline, there are different levels with new mechanics introduced in every new section. So, despite Match-3 idea remaining throughout the game, playing Candy Crush Saga is anything but dull.

Five Sweet Lives

Though you can play Candy Crush Saga for free, there are limitations. You have up to five lives, and every time you fail to finish a level, you lose one of them. When you run out of lives, you can either buy some for gold (and buy gold for real money) or wait until they recover. 

If you connect Facebook to your mobile app, you can ask your friends for extra lives. It does not matter if you play Candy Crush Saga on iOS, on Android, or on Facebook. If you have many friends, some of them are for sure playing the game even in 2021.

The app is also full of ads. You can have a bonus magic candy for watching an ad before you play (at least on iOS). These ads, though, can finally help you to crack a sophisticated level.

Though one might get tired of this game and its constant presence around, it’s still among the best Match-3 games, and its look makes you want a candy right from the screen. A highly addictive game you can drop for a month or a year but then gladly return.


  • Simple yet diverse mechanics
  • Great visuals
  • Sweet voicing and music
  • New missions, challenges, and quests
  • Many of your friends play it


  • It’s been around for long
  • Life system made to squeeze money


Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga

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