Bloons TD 6 review

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 review

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Bloons Tower Defence 6 is a tower defense game published by Ninja Kiwi in 2018. The sixth installment in the main series delivers more balloons to pop and towers to defend with.

What’s Tower Defense?

Tower Defense is a specific mobile strategy game genre that simplifies the RTS idea. The attacking side (usually a bot) sends its troops along the path. The player installs towers that extinguish the enemy troops along this path. Towers cannot move (but usually can be upgraded), so you need to calculate where to put each particular one. There are usually various types of towers, as well as of enemy troops, following the rock-paper-scissors principle.

In Bloons series, the enemies are the balloons of different colors (misspelled deliberately), and the towers you set are mostly monkey-operated. This funny setting grants there will be little violence with just as little realism, making the game kid-friendly and funny for adults.

More of Everything

With each new installment, there are new types of monkeys and balloons. This installment delivers three more types of balloons (recognizable by colors) that are immune to some towers. 

More than that: now it’s partially 3D. To be exact, there are just some 3D objects that block your view and let the bloons fly unnoticed behind them.

As you pop bloons, you earn money and then get some more when the level is finished. For this money, you can unlock new towers, install them on positions, or upgrade the existing ones. Some upgrades require in-game money, though you don’t have to get it through microtransactions.

The new mechanics introduced here is Heroes. It’s an especially powerful tower that is selected before the game starts, and there can only be one Hero on the ground. Heroes can have their abilities that you gradually unlock. It’s very efficient against the enemies… if placed right. 

So, if you have only played Bloons TD5 or earlier versions and liked it, this one is highly recommended with so much new to learn.

Don’t Take it Seriously

Unlike other tower defense developers who try to make their games as realistic in terms of military styling as possible, the makers of Bloons offer us a tongue-in-cheek strategy. The obviously absurd setting (monkeys shooting balloons like towers shoot troops), jolly music, bright cartoon colors, even the intendedly misspelled name – everything says: hey, it’s just a game! Relax and have fun!

And yes, it works. The series has had lots of installments and updates. Despite the number, this one is the ninth installment (including spinoffs). It indicates that Bloons is a really popular series, with millions of installs all over the world.

Bloons is the franchise that has already found its formula long ago. Now the developers only have to refresh it slightly with each new installment, and that’s exactly what Bloons TD6 delivers. 


  • Unique setting and design
  • Lots of upgrades after the fifth installment
  • Doesn’t require powerful software
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Various game modes


  • You may dislike its toyish style
  • Some fan-favorite monkeys from TD5 were removed


Bloons TD 6 Bloons TD 6

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