Square Enix Will Release More Final Fantasy VII Games

  • 05-03-2021 |
  • Lucas Thompson|
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Square Enix, a video game holding company based in Japan, has recently announced releasing two more games about the Final Fantasy VII universe. Not long ago, the company re-released the Final Fantasy VII remake for PS5. The first game is called Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, and another one is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is dedicated to a battle royale. The action of the game takes place in Midgar before the main events of the seventh part. The trailer showed us that the magic in this game can be cast in different forms: fireballs, shield barriers, and curses.

Your character is a SOLDIER candidate who is a part of the Shinra project. You’ll have to fight for survival while having a variety of abilities, items, and weapons at your disposal. In the trailer, it is shown that your character will also be able to cast summons. Midgar is full of bosses whom you’ll have to fight, and you probably will get some powerful loot after defeating them.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a complete remake of the entire seventh part, including all the spin-offs. Visually, the game resembles a lot an animated version of the original; however, during the battles, you can clearly see the models from the console remake. Overall, it looks surprisingly good. The game focuses mainly on Midgar and looks like a modernized version of Final Fantasy VII. The game will cover the whole timeline of Final Fantasy VII. It is most likely to include the events that took place during the original game; plus some of the elements will focus on the “origins of SOLDIER.”

The game will be available on iOS and Android. Therefore, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an amazing opportunity for some people on mobile devices to try out the remake of the classic game. It is expected to be released in 2022.

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy VII? What do you think about these new game releases? Which one of them do you find more exciting? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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