6ix9ine Runner review

6ix9ine Runner

6ix9ine Runner review

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6ix9ine Runner is an endless runner type game in which you’re challenged to control the infamous rapper, who runs on a never-ending track, collecting loot. Download 6ix9ine Runner and tame the wild rainbow!

Through the Clouds

6ix9ine Runner was obviously inspired by the likes of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Here your primary goal is to run for as long as possible, destroying bricks that shamelessly blockade your way.

Sadly, while running, 6ix9ine doesn’t collect loot he would typically be interested in: cough syrup bottles, dollar bills, or gold grills. Apparently, there’s nothing to collect at all to improve your stats, unlock new skills, and win trophy skins.

The action element is limited to annihilating stuff that pops up in your ways. Your avatar has an arsenal of awe-inspiring weapons: a lollipop, giant hammer, and even a lightsaber. Sadly, no Tec-9’s and other semiautomatic beauties made it to the weapon list.

One Hundred Bugs

Apart from snitching, there’s also a new problem haunting 6ix9ine: glitching. This runner has already gained some notoriety due to its perpetual freezes and crashes that unavoidably result in lost progress.

Apart from the poor QA, one of the reasons that may cause this issue is the abundance of the ads. Interstitials will relentlessly pop up, sometimes refusing to go away and let you continue playing. Screen freezes often accompany them.

But there’s a cure to the ads problem. To prevent their invasion, you can simply turn your connection off. Surprisingly, the game will continue to function normally without forcing you into getting back online.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t fix the numerous bugs. Neither do updates. In fact, after a few recent patches, 6ix9ine Runner refuses to work on older devices at all, kicking you from the loading screen.

We Don’t Swear Here

To sweeten the bitterness of the poor tech-quality, 6ix9ine Runner is packed with the rapper’s original tunes, featuring such bangers as Kooda, Stoopid, and others. 

However, if you’re above the age of 17, there’s a little chance you will fully enjoy them. The problem is that Tekashi’s original lyrics are censored to keep the game kids-friendly. 

And while casual players may appreciate the vocal cleanness, the artist’s fans will be a bit disappointed to know that these tracks lost the obscene flavor. And what’s worse, there’s no Explicit lyrics, please button.

Not So Great Game

So, what do we have here eventually? 6ix9ine Runner is a visually decent game. Its levels look like differently colored clones of each other, but you can’t really expect much from a casual time-killer.

It would be fun to enjoy the game’s energetic gameplay and soundtrack. Unfortunately, frequent glitches, censored punchlines, and uninventive level design spoil its recipe. 

And while you could spend 5 bearable minutes in Tekashi’s company, dedicating more time to this game isn’t the best idea. Let alone spending $1 or more on its IAPs


  • A lot of rainbows
  • Energetic game tempo
  • Tekashi’s original songs


  • A lot of bugs
  • Censored lyrics


6ix9ine Runner 6ix9ine Runner

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